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Welcome! Please become acquainted with these rules to help this club run smoothly!

:star:ALL join RQ's are auto-accepted, so no need for permission to be a part of this group! You also do NOT need to to able to draw to join. +Watches are fine too, if you plan to just watch the gallery from the side, if you prefer so.

:star:THIS GROUP IS MEANT FOR YOUR ORIGINAL/FAN CHARACTERS you've made for the Zelda universe. Thus, no canon-only art will be accepted. Canon character MAY be in the picture WITH your character, but an FC MUST be present in order to be accepted. Personas count as much as an FC as well. FC's that are "fluid" (meaning they have other AU's, but also have a Zelda one) are accepted here as well, as long as there IS a Zelda AU that they have.

:star:PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE PROPER FOLDER. Just take the extra couple of seconds to choose the right folder, as it saves time for us admin, as well as you guys from have to re-submit to the correct folder. If you're not sure where something should go and need help placing your drawing, please just ask me, I'm happy to help!

:star:Any activities and events are meant for your own fun on your own time, and you do not have to participate if you don't want to or cannot, it's just meant for extra fun should you want to participate!

:star:Any suggestions or questions or concerns? Just ask me, Icy-Snowflakes at any time! I do not bite and I'm more than happy to help you!

:skull:I have the right to decline your piece if I see fit to do so. The most LIKELY reason would be from incorrect placement of your drawing, but it could be for bigger reasons too, which I will tell you if an explanation is needed.

:skull:DO NOT submit things that are inappropriate or offensive. I also will not tolerate any bullying on art, or at members in general. If I find you keep being a repeat offender, I will ban you. Just don't be like that, if you have an issue, just talk to me about it, and we'll come to some sort of agreement. Attacking someone will just place you in the wrong despite what happened, okay?

:skull:Some mature content is allowed, but ONLY TO A POINT. A little bit of blood, or a natural mermaid is one thing, but strong swear words, excessive torture/gory depictions, or very intense sexual content is absolutely NOT allowed. Also, even if your pic is relatively harmless but borderline, and probably SHOULD have a mature content tag on it but it doesn't, I can't allow it until it is censored. This is for courtesy of those who might not feel comfortable.

Thank you everyone! Enjoy yourselves!

Gallery Folders

OC Chart by kopso866
Zelda FC's Line-Up by Icy-Snowflakes
Summertime Gals by CatrinSara
Jade by Icy-Snowflakes
Traveling by ToonMidna1
BotW AU Piper by ToonMidna1
Plant Boi by ToonMidna1
Feng's True Form by Fenz-art
Feng by Fenz-art
Timeout by Fenz-art
My Bird-Brain-Boy Kota by Fenz-art
Rito OC Tuca by Dadarisma
Bana by ToonMidna1
cute fish by ToonMidna1
Lucinda redesign by SceneryTheLost
Lucinda yeahhh by SceneryTheLost
Mother's Day by Fenz-art
A Warning by CatrinSara
Be More Social! by CatrinSara
Siren Template: Marijn by CatrinSara
Deku Baby by TwilightSwordLink
Ursa the Water Wizzrobe by Lunaritia
Nau's Powers by YoMo715
Toile, witch of fates - The Human Tailor by YoMo715
Lady of emotions by YoMo715
Twili+Other Magic Users
Adult Bros by YoMo715
Modernized kiddos by YoMo715
Sads by YoMo715
Flower Crown by YoMo715
Other Canon Races
Other Fan-made Races
Hera the Loftwing Rito by Lunaritia
Mixed Group of Races+Hybrids
''You Mean So Much To Me'' by Icy-Snowflakes
New Siren Babs by sakura50
Fill-outs and Memes
Zelda FC's Spectrum Meme by Icy-Snowflakes


Hi guys!

I have a new subcategory on Discord open for those who'd like to figure out RP's!
If you don't have the discord and want it, please feel free to note me for the server.

Hope to have people join in more with the topics and prompts, too! :D
Thanks you all, have a good one!
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luigirules64 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I submitted the pieces I liked the most, I didn't wanna overload the gallery OTL //wheeze Lemme know if I overloaded tho OTL
Icy-Snowflakes Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh no you're totally fine!
for some reason there's a restriction of 10 devs allowed per day for each member. (that wasn't my doing, I think dA made all clubs like that recently)
but no problem, feel free to submit as much here as you want to! :la:
Icy-Snowflakes Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, all!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions at any time!
Notes work fine too! ;3